7 Mistakes That Are Killing Your Local SEO Ranking


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You have done everything right when it comes to your SEO strategy. At least, that is what you thought until you looked at your resulting analytics and data that proved otherwise. Below is a brief overview of the seven common mistakes that could potentially be hindering your online presence and destroying your hopes of boosting your SEO ranking:

Trusting in the Incorrect Keywords for Your Content

You may think that you know the best keywords to use for your specific market or niche. However, unless you have done the research or trusted in the expertise of local SEO services in Los Angeles, you could be aimlessly shooting blanks in the dark.

Stuffing Keywords into Your Web Content

Inexperienced marketers and web content designers may strongly believe that using as many keywords as possible within a single page of content is a smart move. Contrary to popular belief, the concept of “keyword stuffing” will hurt your SEO ranking a lot more than help it. Any SEO agency in LA would tell you that one of the quickest ways to get penalized by Google is to embrace the deceptive concept of keyword stuffing.

Paying for Links to Add within Your Content

You may have seen many online listings and offers from competitively-priced freelancers and web designers offering to sell you batches of links to place within your content. Like keyword stuffing, this is yet another dead-end street that only leads to an extensive list of penalties and untapped potential. The best approach is to build your links organically with a little help from local SEO boosts.

You Do Not Encourage Customers to Post Reviews

Your customers may feel free to share their feedback with you verbally or even within your inbox. However, you could be making a huge mistake if you are not encouraging them to post reviews and testimonials about your company online. Whether it is on social media, through Google or even directly on your website, this will help Google to give you more leverage because it provides solid proof of engagement.

Invest in a Mobile-Friendly Web Design

If your website is not mobile-friendly, you are losing a substantial amount of traffic opportunities and organic ranking boosts. Statistics show that more and more consumers are using tablets and smartphones to access websites instead of their computers. If you invest in a responsive design, you can rest assured in knowing that customers and prospects will be able to access and browse through your site without needed to worry about the device used to do so.

Your Website Has Very Little Content

You must take the time to add content to your website. Just having contact information and a list of your available products and services is not enough to win over your customers and prospective clients. Therefore, it is nowhere near enough to win over Google as you try to build your SEO ranking.

Rushing to Become an Overnight Success

Improving your SEO ranking is not something that can happen overnight. It must (and should) take time to build it organically yet effectively. Any shortcut presented to you should activate an alarm within your mind that lets you know to stay as far away from it as possible.

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