How Google Penguin Impacts Your Rankings in 2018?


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Since it first launched in 2012, Google Penguin has been studied and examined by a vast number of online marketers, SEO specialists and business owners that are simply looking for effective ways to build their online presence. In the six years that have passed since Google Penguin made its big debut, quite a few people still wonder how it impacts SEO rankings in 2018 and the overall value of investing in a Penguin recovery service whenever necessary

What is the Google Penguin?

Google Penguin is more of algorithmic response to low-quality web content than an actual character or even “mascot” of the popular search engine. With the growing number of webpages stuffed with keywords and low-quality links, it became crucial for Google to implement an effective strategy that would penalize the abusers and encourage the development of high-quality websites and content.

The Damage of a Google Penalty

Keep in mind that the most popular search engine in today’s market is Google. Therefore, any type of penalty and punishment that Google places on your website can essentially mean the death of your online presence. Whether you are a well-established business or an optimistic entrepreneur trying to create a brand from scratch, you should take the concept of Google penalizations very seriously and take the necessary precautions to ensure you never become victimized by them.

Pay Attention to Your Overall Traffic

Contrary to popular belief, Google will not send you a special email or notification whenever your website has been hit with a Penguin penalty. As any Penguin recovery service expert will tell you, the proof of the penalty is found within the reports. Examine your daily analytics and overall traffic reports. If you notice that there was a significant drop in traffic since the most recent Penguin update was rolled out and announced, chances are that your website has received  Google penalty.

The Value of SEO Rankings in 2018

With an increasing number of people depending on the first page of Google search results, it is more important now than ever before to take your SEO ranking seriously. Years ago, it may have been about popularity and presence. However, these days, it is all about knowing how to strategically play the SEO game and play it well. Losing this “game” could mean that your efforts for building and maintaining an engaging online presence have diminished.

Invest in a Detailed Analysis of Your Web Content

If you feel that you have already been hit with a Google Penguin penalty or just simply want to have your content inspected to ensure you remain in the “safe zone”, a recommended approach is to invest in an expert Penguin recovery service with a proven track record of delivering first-class results in this area. In most cases – especially for inexperienced marketers and novice content developers – you may not even know the rules of the game in which you are playing in the first place. This type of professional insight and expertise can clear up the confusion and get your online presence on the right track.

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